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Charles Dickens London at the Dickens Museum, at Dickens's desk, on his chair, using his pen!
Greetings dear friends and welcome to my London. I give serious and humorous talks about the life and times of Charles Dickens and his London, also

yours truly at the Dickens Museum, at Dickens's desk, on his chair, using his pen!Thank you for all the kind comments about the superbly presented piece on the BBC Inside Out programme- 

This recently made video is well worth a visit.

TALKS: (Formal or Humorous)

Introduction to the life and times of this great genius, and to the London he endured, loved and greatly influenced. Various alternatives to suit individual clients, serious or 'light', also available for younger groups and schools. Other subjects include 'Old London Bridge', 'Tower Bridge', 'London Docks'. Dickens and David Copperfield, His Most Famous Quotes.

Event Host: 
 Corporate events, weddings etc.
Pub Quiz Host:
VENUE: To Suit. I am happy to travel
 up to 50 miles. 

about my new book, 'The Story Of St Katharine's'.If you want a host or guest speaker for your company do, wedding or whatever it may be, please contact me at:-

My new book chronicles its fascinating history, from:
1148 to 1825: Royal Hospital + Church founded / thrived. 
1825 Hospital demolished, 4000 + people evicted from Precinct.
1825-1828: Building + opening Telford's new St Katharine Docks.
1828 to 1960's: World famous Docks trading luxury items, decline / closure.
1970's onwards: Redevelopment of Yacht Haven   + World Trade Centre.
2014: Today's beautiful Marina + its treasures   that we know and cherish.

Next Talk: 
'Today's Treasures Of 
St Katharine's'
Venue: Guildhall Library
Date: Tuesday Oct 6th
Time 2 - 3 p.m.
Admission: Free.

Christmas Talk:
'Charles Dickens And His Christmas'
Venue: Guildhall Library
Date: Tuesday 10th December
Admission: Free

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