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St Katharine's Day Commemoration At St Katharine Docks
Queen's 89th birthday, 42 Gun Salute at Tower Of London
The Story Of St Katharine's, Guildhall Library, May 5th, 2015.
The Story Of St Katharine's, new website
Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London

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Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London
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The Story Of St Katharine's
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St Katharine's Day Commemoration At St Katharine Docks

Wednesday 25th November 2015
at 11 a.m.
You are invited to attend this important historical event, respecting our history and linking our Churches. More information is On The link below:

Queen's 89th birthday, 42 Gun Salute at Tower Of London

Wonderful gunnery display to celebrate the Queen's 89th birthday. There are more photographs on my facebook page: 

Next Talk:The Story Of St Katharine's. Details may be found here.

The Story Of St Katharine's, Guildhall Library, May 5th, 2015.

Talk: The Story Of St Katharine's
Venue: Guildhall Library
Date: Tuesday May 5th
Time 2 - 3 p.m.
Admission: Free.

For tickets, click below:

The Story Of St Katharine's, new website

If you prefer a signed copy, please call in at Nauticalia, St Katharine Docks or Waitrose, St Thomas More Way.

Otherwise, please email me at, notifying the message you would like, otherwise I will use 'Best Wishes' and signature. I also welcome enquiries, comments and questions about the area.

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London

volunteers preparing the poppies in the Summer at The Tower Of London.Volunteers working on the sculpture at The Tower Of London

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. This masterpiece was created by ceramic artist Paul Cummins, with setting by stage designer Tom Piper, 888,246 ceramic poppies have filled  the Tower’s famous moat. Each poppy has been sold to donors from around the World. More pictures and comment will be added soon. 

Poppies At The Tower, viewing times extended

Good News! Poppies around the Tower are to be floodlit for longer at night to give the opportunity for more visitors to see. The spectacle is amazing and I have even talked to people who have come from overseas just to see it for themselves. Don't forget to visit St Katharine Docks while you are here.

Nauticalia Celebrate 40 Years

Nauticalia Celebrate 40 Years
No visit to St Katharine Docks is complete without a visit to marine traditionalists Nauticalia, this year celebrating their 40 anniversary. Appropriately located in Ivory House (historically associated with the import of luxury goods from around the world), they specialise in the nautical clothing, brass clocks & barometers, gifts, and furnishings that hark back to the era when Britannia really did rule the waves.
Nauticalia began, in 1974, as a floating marine antiques store aboard a converted rubbish barge on the Thames at Shepperton. Lynn Lewis, an ex-BBC television reporter, and his wife Val, also a journalist, were the founders. As the business developed, it became obvious that there were not enough antiques to satisfy demand, especially for the large items of nautical décor that so enthralled their customers. An advert in the local paper, for a 19th century diver's helmet, brought six buyers the next day - but there was only one for sale! To solve the problem, Lynn commissioned a batch of ten detailed replicas from a specialist metal works, and thus began Nauticalia's famous range of reproduction boating and shipping memorabilia.

Ship's telegraphs, binnacles, bells, bosun's whistles, and anchor lamps soon followed the same course, and necessitated a move to larger premises ashore. Not, however, before Lynn had managed to lose several tools over the side of the barge whilst making repairs, and invented one of the company's best-known products, the Sea Searcher recovery magnet, to get them back. Today the powerful magnet, which has been in continuous production ever since, is used by emergency services, boat owners and even sewage system workers worldwide. Over half a million have been sold!
The store in St Katharine Docks is now one of nine, the locations of which are carefully chosen for their nautical, or historical connections. Tourists and ‘Yachties’ alike are assured of a warm welcome and intriguing browse around hundreds of items of nautical interest
While there, don’t forget to pick up a copy of my book, on sale in-store!

St Katharine Docks And Its History

Date: Friday 19th September, 4.15 p.m. to 5.45 p.m.
Venue: Lady Daphne, Thames Barge, West Dock, St Katharine Docks.
(Close to Dock entrance East side of Tower Bridge).

This Talk will feature the lovely venue, Lady Daphne and the Telford working Docks, from 1828, with its unique design, record time to build, prestigious trading in luxury items, and how the workmen dealt with it all. Also discussed will be the twenty 'treasures' that are here today at St Katharine's, including Wendy Taylor's Timepiece, Paula Haughney's 'To The Sea' and the Royal Barge Gloriana. 
For details and booking, please use the link below:

St Katharine Docks Classic Boats Festival

Come and visit if you can, it must be one of the biggest gatherings of veteran boats ever, here at St Katharine's. It's been a wonderful day, and still on tomorrow (Sunday).

St Katharine Docks And Her History

My Talk on the 19th September will be aboard a favourite venue, The Lady Daphne, Thames Barge, moored here at St Katharine Docks. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the comfort and cosy atmosphere of this historical vessel- Thames Barges were so important to past trade on the Thames. We will briefly discuss the ancient Royal Hospital, Church and Precinct, from 1127 to 1825, then the building of the Telford Docks, which opened in 1828, trading in leading luxury goods, how it was staffed, the great Docks Strike, gradual decline and eventual closure in 1968. We'll particularly look at its resurrection to Yacht Haven, now the famous Marina, with particular emphasis towards the treasures for all to see today, such as the sculptures, the historic boats and the Telford Bridge. For tickets, please use this link

My book, 
The Story Of St Katharine's 
is on sale at Nauticalia, 
here at St Katharine's, 

The Royal Foundation Of St Katharine, Limehouse

I keep getting requests for information about today's RFSK at Limehouse, which I am delighted to answer individually, and mention again, that there is a page devoted to it on my website. I do Talks there occasionally, including one on Friday 12th September, during which there will be ample time to explore the venue and appreciate the beautiful relics.
More details on this link:

Flamant Rose, party to celebrate owner Valerie's birthday

Great party on Flamant Rose (Edith Piaf's love boat, moored at St Katharine's) to celebrate current owner Valerie's birthday. She and James have just returned from a month of boat refit work; Flamant Rose sailed through her six year review with flying colours and they plan to stay on their beloved boat for many more years. Although loving their roots and attachments wintering in the States, they hate being away from St Katharine's, due to the great village atmosphere and, inevitably, Flamant Rose. I was busy talking to people about my book, an excerpt from which is published below. 

'Flamant Rose (Pink Flamingo) was moored on the Seine in Paris, as well as being her actual base when Edith Piaf was on tour, the public would be told she was staying at the local best hotel. Marcel Cerdan, the great French boxer, would have been one of the boats most cherished visitors. Edith's short, but all consuming affair with the great French Boxer ended in tragedy with his accidental death while travelling to see her in America. Though she sang the song 'Non, je ne regrette rien” (I have no regrets) shortly after this, in truth, she never fully recovered, but carried on because of her power of personality and courage'.

Talk: The Story Of St Katharine's

Talk: The Story Of St Katharine's.
Date: Saturday 30th August 4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Venue: Royal Foundation Of St Katharine, Limehouse.
(Use 15 Bus or Limehouse DLR, walk takes two minutes to Butcher's Row).
This venue is a great favourite of mine because it is carrying on the link which goes back to 1148. Many of the relics from the ancient Hospital at St Katharine's By The Tower are hundreds of years old and beautifully preserved at Limehouse. Part of 
the Talk will be in their beautiful Chapel and there will be plenty of time to admire the relics and wander around the House and gardens, now described as 'an urban oasis'. For details and booking, please use the link below:  

Talk: The Story Of St Katharine's

My next Talk will be held at a great favourite, The Royal Foundation Of St Katharine, Limehouse, on Saturday 30th August at 4 p.m. Many of the relics from the ancient Hospital at St Katharine's By The Tower are hundreds of years old and beautifully preserved at Limehouse. Part of the Talk will be in their beautiful Chapel and there will be plenty of time to admire the relics and wander around the House and gardens, now described as 'an urban oasis'. For details and booking, please use the link below:  

Poppies At The Tower Of London

The Tower Of London looks more perfect than ever. These beautiful acrylic 
poppies each represent a life lost in the First World War. They will be on sale 
at £25 and well worth it. More details on

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Tower Bridge has always been fascinating for me; it must be one of the best known landmarks in the world. It was such a thrill, when I came to live nearby, to be able to see and admire it every day. While planning my book about neighbouring St Katharine's, researching for the piece about Tower Bridge was most absorbing. The first picture, above, was taken in 1900, and used in the book.

Visiting Tower Bridge: The above pictures give some insight into what it's like. The Engine Room gives an excellent display of how it all works- then you go in the lift up to the top level (don't get nervous about the height, it's all well enclosed) and see an  introductory film about it's history; then you cross the bridge, with a choice of two fine exhibitions and finally onto a second film show, all about the bridge. There are adequate loo facilities and a good souvenir shop (which is also kind enough to sell my book). Ticket cost is very reasonable; if unable to visit, their website is excellent (though no substitute for the real thing).

For more details about 
my Talks, or to purchase 
The Story Of St Katharine's,

Book Signing at Cafe Rouge on Thursday mornings

I so enjoy talking to people on Thursday mornings at Cafe Rouge. Feedback assures me that there is great interest in all aspects of St Katharine's. Please come along if you want to chat or get a book copy signed. Otherwise, my email is 

The Story Of St Katharine's, Cafe Rouge Book Signing

As usual for Thursday mornings, I'll be at Cafe Rouge, St Katharine Docks, tomorrow morning, from 10 a.m. to 12.30 pm- do come along if you want a copy of my book signed, or to chat about history in the area. There is still time to visit one of the clippers from the Round The World Clippers race, you can go down below and see the crew quarters, or talk to the officials in their exhibition tent in front of the Dickens Inn.

Clippers Round The World, home at St Katharine Docks


What a wonderful day, must be among the most spectacular events of the year. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and his incredibly successful Clippers events are part of St Katharine's history, as attributed in my book, 'The Story Of St Katharine's', on sale at Nauticalia or via this link.

Round The World Clipper Race Finish

Great excitement here at  St Katharine Docks, preparing for tomorrow's arrival of the Clippers, after they finish their race, 40000 miles covered since we said goodbye nearly a year ago. You can see from these pictures how fabulous the Docks look, ready to welcome these great people home.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and his Clipper Round The World Events are part of the history of St Katharine's, so rightly feature in my Book, 'The Story Of St Katharine's'
for more details, 

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

The Clippers Around The World Race will end here at Tower Bridge and St Katharine Docks next weekend, 12th and 13th July. Do come and join us for this visually stunning event and watch the Tall Ships coming into the Docks, following the race. 

Sir Robin, famous for his first record breaking voyage around the world, founder and still very much in charge of the Clippers event, was also Harbour Master here for some time, helping to promote what was then referred to as St Katharine Docks Yacht Haven- 
he is featured in my book, 'The Story Of St Katharine's',
which is on sale at Nauticalia and other outlets at St Katharine's.

Yeoman Warder Moira Cameron, Tower Of London

Yeoman Warder Moira Cameron is one of the thirty five Yeoman Warders working at The Tower Of London. Living near there, I am so fortunate to be able to use the Tower Chapels and I visit most Sundays. I have often seen her at work, always smiling, but very watchful about what is going on. A new, short film describes her and the work she does very well, I'm sure you'll find it as delightful as I did.

Ceremony Of The Constable's Dues, Tower Of London

Landing Craft at H.M.S. President, carrying the Rum Cask, preparing for delivery at The Tower Of LondonCrew members displaying the Rum Cask.Landing Craft in transit under Tower Bridge.Rum Cask is brought ashore at Tower Wharf.Procession enters The Tower Of London.

Procession is led by Yeoman Warder, followed by The Royal Marines BandThe Rum Cask.Guard Of Honour, made up of Naval Ratings and Royal Marines.Procession turns onto Tower Green.Marine Band at attention.

Gift Of Rum accepted by the Governor of the Tower, for the Constable.Parade dismissed.

What a spectacle- these pics show from the landing craft loading the cask of rum at H.M.S. President, landing at Tower Pier and being carried into the Tower Of London, preceded by The Band Of The Royal Marines, led by a Yeoman Warder in ceremonial uniform, followed by the Cask of Rum and guard of honour, made up by Naval Ratings and Royal Marines. They were met by The Governor Of The Tower Of London (on behalf of The Constable) outside the Queen's House on Tower Lawn, representing the tradition of paying 'dues' in return for the facility of using the Pool Of London, a ceremony that has taken place for many hundreds of years.

The Ceremony Of The Constable's Dues At The Tower Of London

The Landing Craft currently moored at the corner of West Dock at St Katharine's, is preparing for the Ceremony Of The Constable's Dues at The Tower Of London at 2.30 p.m. on Friday 20th June; the Royal Marines are celebrating 350 
years of service.

The Story Of St Katharine's, next book signing 19th June

The Story Of St Katharine's, front coverCafe Rouge, West Dock, St Katharine Docks.Story Of St Katharine's book display at Nauticalia.Story of St Katharine's, back cover

Please come along if you would like to buy the book or chat about the 
area's history. People have enjoyed discussing their memories and 
thoughts, others have brought in copies they have already bought for signature. 

Comments have been very positive and the overall feedback is surprise
that there is so much history in such a small area.

The Story Of St Katharine's is also on sale at Nauticalia, or by post, 


The Story Of St Katharine's, book signings and Talks

Signings taking place this week at two dock locations: 

Cafe Rouge: Thursday 5th June, 3 pm to 5.30 pm.
Starbucks**: Friday 6th June, 3 pm to 5.30 pm.

Please come along if you want to talk about the local history, or if you want to buy a signed copy.

** Starbucks is on the site of the ancient Royal Hospital, from 1147 to 1825.

The Story Of St Katharine's, Book Signings

Coronarium, now StarbucksDock |Gates, St Katharine DocksCafe RougeDickens Inn 
Please come along if you want to buy or chat about the book.

Wednesday 7th May: Cafe Rouge, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Thursday 8th May: The Dickens Inn, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday 9th May: Starbucks, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Story Of St Katharine's Talk and Book Launch on The Lady Daphne.

The Talk and Book Launch was a great success. Both afternoon and evening sessions were well attended and lots of books were bought. Thankfully, my right hand lasted out for the signings, without my writing getting too bad and my voice was ok, thanks to the mike. People loved The Lady Daphne; many comments were made about how comfortable and roomy she is, and how fascinating to be able to see inside a Thames Barge! Thank you Elisabeth for being an excellent Host. George and Miriam did us proud with the pics.


Book Launch of The Story Of St Katharine's on 28th April

The Lady Daphne is the ideal venue for my book launch and Talk- she represents both the history of the past and the visual beauty of today. The nearby Thames has served and born witness to this area down the ages; from Roman times, ships enabled trade; the Knighten Guild developed links with other trading nations, the ancient 'dokke' was important to the precinct, overseen by the Master of the Royal Hospital of St 

Katharine and protected by its Royal patrons from the envious 
interests of the nearby City Of London. Following the awful destruction of the Hospital, Church and precinct, the Thames 
was used to take thousands of tons of dug up earth upstream to the then marshy Pimlico, making way for Thomas Telford's 
famous St Katharine Docks, which developed trade in the 
leading luxury goods from all over the world, doing moderately well right up to the 1930's. Eventually, the Docks became run 

down and derelict, having been bombed during the Blitz, it lost 
business firstly to Tilbury and then the continent, particularly Rotterdam. In the 1970's, Taylor Woodrow rebuilt St Katharine's,
converting or knocking down the warehouses, building the superbly located Tower Hotel, to create a 'yacht Haven' with bustling cafes, shops (and the Dickens Inn,) trade continuing in its fine new offices, rebuilt in the style of the old warehouses leading to the world famous Marina that we know today.                   . 
                   IT'S ALL IN THE BOOK! For tickets, please follow this link.

The Story Of St Katharine's, book Talk 28th April 2014

DATE: 28th April, 2014
Time: 5 p.m. to 7.5 p.m. (Talk 5.45 to 6.15)
Venue: The Lady Daphne, West Dock, St Katharine Docks, E1W.
Price: £5, children free. Cash Bar available.

The Lady Daphne is the most famous remaining Thames Barge 
and is moored on the pontoon next to International House, close to the Dock entrances from Tower Hill and St Katharine's Way. 
The steps down below are quite steep; books may be purchased for £9.99, which includes author's signature and any personal message.

Tickets or enquiries from

The Story Of st Katharine's signing at The Dickens Inn

There will be a book signing at the Dickens Inn on Friday, from 3 pm to 6 pm. Please come along if you would like a signed copy or to chat about the book. The fine sketch is 'Charles Dickens And A Tiny Tim', by Jane Young, who donated it for my 'Dickens Day For Great Ormond Street Hospital' fund raiser recently. The Dickens Inn is featured in the book, of course. Scott and Iwona are fund raising for the The Royal Neuro-disability Hospital, following Dickens, who helped raise money for it to open.
I will be pleased to donate £1 for every book sold at The Dickens Inn.

The Story Of St Katharine's, book signing at Cafe Rouge

There will be a book signing at Cafe Rouge, Commodity Quay on Thursday 10th April, 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  
The Story Of St Katharine's is on sale for £12.99,currently on offer for £9.99. Please come along if you would like to buy a signed copy or would like to find out more about the book.There will be a signing at The Dickens Inn on Friday 11th April from 3 pm to 6 pm.

The Story Of St Katharine's Is On Sale At Nauticalia

The book is now on sale at St Katharine's    
branch of Nauticalia. Although the price is 
£12.99 it is initially on offer for £9.99. 
Next week there will be signings at Cafe 
Rouge, Zizzi, Starbucks and Dickens Inn;
times will be published soon.There will also
be Talks, including on lovely Thames Barge, 
The Lady Daphne, on Tuesday 22nd April.
More info from 

The Story Of St Katharine's

The book has now been published and will be in the shops 
in a few days. The delays have been frustrating, but have 
given me the opportunity to include important recent events 
and improvements within the docks. I am now into working on signing events in various locations nearby and also a series of Talks about the book. It has been a great joy, but also extremely tiring; preparing promotional material has become a welcome change from daily 'bashing away' at writing. It's a great relief that the hard work is complete, and a huge relief that feedback from people who have already read the manuscript is very positive. A new email address for enquiries is

Christmas Lights in St Katharine Docks

St Katharine Docks looks so splendid at night with all the Christmas lights. Several of the Thames Barges are lit up and there are lights on boats, buildings and trees all around- well worth a visit, not least, in the quiet days following Christmas.

Commemorating St Katharine's Hospital and the Precinct Community

Today, St Katharine's Day, we held a commemoration ceremony near the site of 'Old Kate', near Starbucks, in the central Basin at the Dock. The current Master of the Royal Order of St Katharine at Limehouse was the special guest, and he recalled the thousands of people who had to leave their homes in the Precinct, and the sadness of losing their wonderful place of worship when the ancient Hospital, protected by Queens down the centuries, was closed to make way for the Docks. Of course, we love and cherish the splendid Marina of today, but it is right to respect the richness of the area's past history.

St Katharine's Day Commemoration

The Service at the Tower went extremely well yesterday. The Tower Chaplain, Rev Roger Hall was in excellent form, and devoted much of his sermon to commemorating the ancient Hospital and Church in St Katharine's from 1147, inaugurated by Queen Matilda, right up to 1825, when it was razed to the ground to make way for the building of St Katharine Docks. The last sermon at St Katharine's was held by the then Chaplain of the Tower, heavily criticising the closure decision, so it was very appropriate and moving to listen to today's Chaplain all these years later.

Event To Commemorate St Katharine's Day And The Royal Hospital Of Saint Katharine By The Tower

You may know that St Katharine was a mediaeval lady of noble birth in Alexandria, who was cruelly killed after refusing to renounce her Christian faith. She was broken on a wheel, as pictured, which lead to the firework of the same name. Her feast day is 25th November and the commemoration planned at the Tower Of London will be particularly significant because the then Chaplain of The Tower (himself strongly opposed to the closing of the Hospital and Church) gave a moving and powerful sermon at the Church's final service in 1825, before it was razed to the ground to make way for St Katharine Docks. We cherish today's splendid Marina, but will commemorate this historically important previous community, which was the ancient St Katharine's Precinct, until 1825.

Pic by C Adach, sketch by Jane Young

The Origins of St. Katharine's Hosptial: St Katharine's Day, November 25th

The origin of the Hospital's name ‘St Katharine's’ is uncertain. The inspirational story of St Katharine of Alexandria became well known around England during the 11th century, so it may be that the suggestion came from Queen Matilda herself or from the Priory, which already administered St Katharine Coleman (in Magpie Alley, Fenchurch Street) and St Katharine Cree (Leadenhall Street). Her Saint's Day is November 25th, though is not usually celebrated here in the UK.

Photo C. Adach

Gloriana at St Katharine Docks

Gloriana will be docked here at St Katharine's when not being used elsewhere. She is ideal to view here, as her magnificent workmanship can be observed at close quarters. The following is a quote from my upcoming book:

Gloriana: Her Majesty The Queen named the Royal Rowbarge Gloriana as a lasting legacy to mark her Diamond Jubilee. Her Majesty has asked that Gloriana be retained by Lord Sterling and the Maritime Heritage Trust with assistance from Thames Alive and has approved the principle that Gloriana will be used to promote better use of the Thames. This can be achieved through providing opportunities for Royal-supported, and other charities, to play their part in occasions and celebrations upon the Thames, with a particular emphasis on events involving young people.

Logo by Jane Young 
Photo by Christopher Adach.

Celebrating St Katharine's

The exhibition was very successful, with more than two thousand people passing through. Many people bought the new Map and Guide of St Katharine's and a great deal of interest was shown for the book 'Story Of St Katharine's', which will hopefully be published by the end of November. More than anything else, people were fascinated to know about the ancient Royal Hospital of St Katharine, built in 1148 and eventually destroyed in 1825, to make way for the building of the Docks. These pictures show two sketches of the ancient Hospital and the site of the original building, now a Starbucks Coffee Shop:

Sketches by Jane Young and photo by Christopher Adach

Celebrating St Katharine's Exhibition

Please come along to the Exhibition when you visit the fabulous group of Classic Boats here at St Katharine's, this weekend.

My book, 'The Story Of St Katharine's' should be ready for publication ready for Christmas (subject to the publisher, of course).

St Katharine Docks Map and Guide

I'm very pleased with the success of the new Map and Guide to the Docks. Please do buy one when you come to the 'Celebrating St Katharine's Exhibition' during the weekend. More details on our link:

My book, 'The Story Of St Katharine's' should be ready for publication ready for Christmas (subject to the publisher, of course).

Thames Festival and Exhibition Update

The people who have attended the walking Tours of the Docks and my ‘Celebrating St Katharine’s’ exhibition say that they really enjoyed themselves. The map and guide is selling well, explaining twenty of the historical 'treasures' in the area. The huge collection of classic boats are stunning and spectacular; not to be missed!

Do please come along and say hello. During the week it’s quieter, and the exhibition is open 11 am to 4 pm - otherwise 11 am to 6 pm at the weekend.

The Opening of St Katharine Docks

This picture celebrates the opening of St Katharine Docks on St Katharine's Day in 1828.

My thanks to The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich for giving permission for me to reproduce this wonderful print.

St Katharine Docks Map and Guide

This map and guide is now on sale around St Katharine Docks:

Particular thanks to James Burgess, who did a fine job on the concept design and layout. These photos are by Christopher Adach and he will be displaying many more at the exhibition 'Celebrating St Katharine's'. The splendid sketches are by Jane Young, who will also have a display.

Celebrating St. Katharine's Facebook Event

Here is the link to the public Facebook event created for the exhibition, which has all the details of the big day:

I hope to welcome you all there!

Celebrating St Katharine's Exhibition

This exhibition is free and I look forward to welcoming people during these weekends of the Thames Festival.

St. Katharine's Hospital and Church

When and how did the Hospital begin?
In approximately 1148 St. Katharine’s was founded by Queen Matilda of Boulogne, the wife of King Stephen. She created the foundation to benefit her soul and those of her family, including two sons who passed away in infancy. The Hospital was founded on land belonging to 
the Augustinian Priory of Holy Trinity, Aldgate, the area becoming known as the Precinct of St. Katharine’s. The 

origin of the name is uncertain, however the inspirational story of St. Katharine of Alexandria became well-known in England, having martyred herself for the sake of her Christian faith, by being broken on a wheel (hence the Katharine wheel). 

Sketch by Jane Young 

My new book about St Katharine's

I am close to finishing the details for the book, ready 
to hand over to the publishers. The article in last week's 
East London Advertiser was a great boost and some very 
interesting comments and contacts were made. Interestingly, 
Mike Brookes, who wrote the article, was here in St Katharine's 
the day that Peter Drew closed the old Dock Gates for the last 
time, on behalf of Taylor Woodrow, who had won the contract 
to develop the Docks into a Yacht Haven. He also recalls being 
shown shackles on the wall in the old warehouse which is now 
International House- he was told that they were used to hold 
convicts, prior to deportation to Australia. The picture shows 
the original Docks Walls and today's main entrance.
 photo:C Adach      
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